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Listing a home can be a very stressful process for homeowner and agent alike. There is a lot of paperwork to be completed and the steps to a successful sale can become overwhelming at times. Preparing your home for online viewing and showings doesn't have to be difficult. If you plan on having your home photographed professionally your photographer can help you streamline the path to getting your home ready for it's debut.

The most important areas to focus on are the common areas of your home. This means your kitchen, living room and dining room. By removing all the clutter of day to day living you'll enable prospective home buyers' imaginations to run wild with possibilities. You're job as a seller is to provide as blank a canvas as possible.

Don't forget about the Master Bedroom and Bathroom. These areas are important as well. Be sure to remove as much as possible from table tops, counters and shelves. This is the retreat for the new homeowners and they will want to to be able to envision relaxing in this space after a long day.

The photographer you chose will have a checklist that will help both the agent and homeowner prepare for the photo shoot. By using this checklist and coordinating with your photographer, you will ensure that you will be ready when your photographer arrives and the photo shoot can happen quickly and efficiently. Preparing your listing to photograph well will allow you to showcase the best features of the home and help increase it's appeal to potential buyers.

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